Season 34

Partnerships for Action

In line with our mission to bring you theatre that inspires debate, Stage Left goes one step further with Partnerships for Action. Each production is paired with a relevant not-for-profit organization to cross-promote and raise awareness for both Stage Left and the organization in question. Partnering organizations will display their materials at the theatre and receive discounted tickets for members. Through these partnerships, audiences will have a means to act on the issues raised by each production–not only to be informed, but to become engaged.

For this production of The Bottle Tree, Stage Left is proud to partner with the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence.

The Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence (ICHV) is the oldest and largest statewide organization in the U.S. working to prevent the devastation caused by firearms. Founded in 1975 by four suburban Chicago women concerned about the tragic consequences of handgun proliferation and availability, ICHV works on a variety of fronts to educate, raise public awareness, and build coalitions to enact change in laws and behavior. For 40 years, ICHV has been a leader among state gun violence prevention groups.


unnamedThe mission of the Brady organization is to create a safer America by cutting gun deaths in half by 2025 based on an innovative and exciting strategy that centers on the idea of keeping guns out of the wrong hands. They foster three impact-driven campaigns: (1) policy change to make sure that background checks are applied to all gun sales; (2) to stop the 5 percent of gun dealers that supply 90 percent of all crime guns; and (3) to lead a new national conversation and change social norms around the real dangers of guns.

Past Partners:

Mutt: Asian Americans Advancing Justice—Chicago
The Coalition for a Better Chinese American Community
The Firestorm:
Chicago Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, Inc. (CLC)
Rape Victim Advocates
An Enemy of the People: Unicef Tap Project
Kingsville: PAX and UCAN

If you think your organization would like to partner with Stage Left to raise awareness for your cause, please call us at (773) 883-8830.