Season 34


Stage Left’s Annual National Contest for the WORST 10-Minute Play.

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DrekFest is on a mission to expose bad writing for what it really is: damn funny. We are not out to make fun of writers or those who love them. We are asking good writers to intentionally write awful plays so that we may laugh at them.

We are ashamed to announce the four finalists for Drekfest 2015: four plays so bad that we weep for the future:

Eat Deep Fried D**ks Smothered in Cheese Sauce, Misogynist Scumbags! Or, What I Imagine My Ex-Girlfriend Is Up to Based on Her Recent Tumblr Posts
by Monica Reida

Period Piece
by Eileen Tull

Me and My Tragic Brothers, or “Whence Cometh Fuckitude?”
by David Weiss

by Conor Woods

The finalists were chosen through a blind submission process by a panel of drunken Stage Left ensemble members. They will be performed as staged readings on

Tuesday, August 11, 2015, 7:30pm

@ The CSz Theatre, 929 W. Belmont

A panel of judges will then rip the playwrights apart for blighting the world in this way. The audience in attendance will vote on the Grand Loser, who will offered a sum of money to hide the offending play away forever. This year’s distinguished panel of judges:


Ike Holter
(playwright of Hit the Wall and Exit Strategy)

Kerry Reid
(freelance critic for the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Reader)
Kris Vire
(lead critic for the Time Out Chicago)

For tickets, click the link below or call 773-883-8830


2014 Drekfest judges

Past Grand Losers:
2014: “Dragons in America: A Fantasia on the Theme of How F**kin’ Awesome Dragons Are” by Jonathan Baude
2013: “F*** You Janine: A Play Ruined by My Ex, Like Everything Else in My Life”  by Peter Papachronopoulos
2012: “Abortion Carnival of the Juggalos: by Jake Lindquist 
2011: “A Fist Before Dying” by Jamie Campbell
2010: “Man Vs. Carp: An Environmental Tale Exploring Mostly, but not Exclusively, the Themes of Tolerance, Immigration, Conservation, and a General Understanding of the Problems Going on in the World Today” by Jake Lindquist
DON’T CARE. A F***ing Harsh Play About Scarecrows and Killing Bitches” by Randall
2008: “The Frenzied Beating of the Jungle Tom-Toms Once More, Once More” by  Rob Kozlowski
2007: “Wilhelm Ferguson, Nationally Renowned Playwright, in the Midst of the Production of his Holocaust Play The Holocaust, Falls in Love with a Wheelchair-Bound Vietnam Veteran with AIDS, Whose Name Remains Unknown, Like So Many Others Like Him” by Rob Kozlowski