Season 34


Ticket sales cover only a portion of our expenses. To continue asking the tough questions you have come to expect from Stage Left, we need your support. Your gift will give you greater access to our plays, and our work behind the scenes. Below is a full menu of donor benefits. Please consider a tax-deductible donation today!

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Stage Left Theatre; 1541 W Belmont; Chicago, IL 60657


Cornerstones ($5000+)
Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation
The MacArthur Fund for Arts & Culture at the Richard H. Driehaus Foundation

Producers Circle ($2500+)
Cedars Legacy Fund
Illinois Arts Council
CityArts Grant from the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs & Special Events.
Dale Dean (in memory of Michael Ann Dean and Miriam Burke Dean)

Directors Circle ($1000+)
Marcey Abramovitz
Don Bender
Alexandra Fliess
Drew Martin
Lindsey Pearlman
Rothman Family Foundation
Angelique Sallas, Ph. D.

Benefactors ($500+)
Bruce & Ellen Arfken
Troy Baresel
Cynthia Lumpkin
Barry P Johnson
Alice Martin & Ted Jones
Christian Murphy
Stephen & Pauline Pearlman
Carol Senderowitz
Vance Smith
Steve Spencer
Pamela Szerlong

Patrons ($200+)
Daniel van Gool
Janice DeLucenay
Jean A. Klingenstein
Mouzam Makkar & Brent               Yarger
Jeanne Robinson
Kathleen Ruhl
Randolph & Barbara Thomas

Friends ($50+)
Daniel Aldridge
Stephanie Arsentry Bowman
Elizabeth S. Bernardi
Glenn M Carroll
Anita Chandwaney
Timothy Comar
Jason D Cox
David Kadzan and Laura               Gooch
Alan Donahue
Will Dunne
Patrice A Egleston
Renee L Evans
Jeffrey Fleitz
Jordan Fleming
Meredith Friedman
Kevin Gillespie
Elly Green
Lisa Herceg & Barbara Lhota
Amy Jahnke
Michael Janko
Shayne Kennedy
Stephen H Loch
Naomi Margols
Thomas McElroy
Beth A McLaren
Annaliese McSweeney
John F Newman
Frank & Gail Opaskar
Hallie Palladino

Sheila Pearman
Galina Rubins
John Sanders
Jane Sanders Waugh
Sarah R Sapperstein
Sharon Seeder
Silicon Valley
Community Foundation
Sean Sinitski
Marcia Slomowitz
Tina Sohaili
Kristin Steele
Eric Sutton
Michelle Tabnick
Matthew D Tolson
Jay Valancy
(For Nona. Of blessed memory)
Richard Valencia
Smyra Yawn
Ernest Werstler