Season 34

LeapFest XIII

June 25 -July 31, 2016 

See what’s next in Chicago theatre – LeapFest’s first twelve years have so far graduated twenty-two plays to world premiere productions in Chicago and beyond, with four of these receiving the Jeff Award for Best New Work. Join us for a 13th smash year, when four new plays “take the leap” in development in this three week festival of politically-minded new work. Each play will be presented in rotating repertory, and performances are followed by a discussion with the playwright and director.

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The Plays

… And Eat It Too
by Aline Lathrop ♦ directed by Anish Jethmalani
Sheila and Naomi are two young scientists who make opposite choices when they become mothers. But each must face new challenges to her marriage and to her sense of worth, as she tries to find her own way in this world of antiquated maternal expectations and modern opportunities that come with a price.

by Shayne Kennedy ♦ directed by Amy Szerlong*
It’s hard for a mother to watch her daughter struggle. When teenage Penny enters residential care to treat an emotional disorder, her mother Melanie finds that giving her daughter a new, healthier identity is just a few keystrokes and clicks away. When Penny comes home and discovers a glossy version of herself alive and roaming around the digital world—that’s when the struggles start.

The New Deal
by Mrinalini Kamath ♦ directed by Elly Green^
Inmate 2 didn’t mean to kill anyone. He’s just a white collar thief, after all, but he panicked, and he’s not a murderer. He’s a survivor, which is why he chooses what the government is calling The New Deal. The New Deal explores a time in the not-too-distant future where prison corporations and pharmaceutical companies form a dangerous collaboration.

St. Sebastian
by Andrew Kramer ♦ directed by Lauren Shouse
Ben and Gideon are a white couple who buy an old repo house in a historically black neighborhood, in hopes of flipping it for a profit. When Ben hires Rueben, a young black boy, to do the yard work, Gideon becomes alarmed by the racial and sexual implications that accompany this seemingly well-intentioned action.

°Stage Left ensemble member  ^Stage Left artistic associate

The Playwrights

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Mrinalini Kamath
  Shayne Kennedy
Andrew Kramer Aline Lathrop


Performances at Theater Wit, 1229 W Belmont

These performances feature basic technical elements and cost $11 for admission. You can also see all four for $22 with a LeapPass.


We could not produce LeapFest without the generous support of these organizations:

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