Season 34

Season 29 (2010-11)

by Andrew Hinderaker
directed by Artistic Director Vance Smith
World Premiere, Downstage Left Graduate

The day after the Virginia Tech shooting, radio shows were flooded with calls from listeners, repeating the same argument, over and over: if the students had only been armed, the shooter would’ve been killed and no one else would have died. Kingsville dares to explore whether maybe, just maybe, those callers had a point. In a hypothetical America where children legally carry guns to class, one teacher must choose between opposing a policy he abhors and putting his own son at risk. Kingsville was developed through our Downstage Left program and appeared in LeapFest 6.

An Enemy of the People
by Arhtur Miller
adapted from the play by Henrik Ibsen
directed by Jason Fleece

Should the majority rule? Who is responsible when the majority is wrong?  Arthur Miller asks these timeless questions in his powerful adaptation of Henrik Ibsen’s classic, An Enemy of the People. When Dr. Stockmann makes a poisonous discovery about the town’s water, his brother, the Mayor, draws him into a battle for public opinion that threatens to tear their family—and their community—apart.

LeapFest 8

Blessed Assurance: The Story of
Boston Corbett, Slayer of Booth

by Randall Colburn
directed by Greg Werstler †

Make Sure Its Me
by Kate Wenner
directed by Drew Martin†

by Anita Chandwaney †
& M.E.H. Lewis †
directed by Lavina Jadhwani

by Rob Smith
directed by Jason Fleece †

The News All the Time
by Steve Spencer
directed by Scott Bishop †



† – Ensemble Member at time of production


by Andrew Hinderaker
directed by Artistic Director Vance Smith