Season 34

Season 25 (2006-07)

In Times of War
by David Alan Moore†
directed by Ann Filmer
World Premiere, Downstage Left Graduate

In 1942, German saboteurs land a U-boat on Long Island and, armed with explosives, blend into American society with the intent to wreak havoc. When their leader voluntarily surrenders to the FBI, President Roosevelt creates a special commission specifically ordered to try and convict the eight men. Their defense rests in the hands of a Jewish lawyer who faces an impossible pursuit of justice.

One Fine Day
by David Rush†
directed by Drew Martin†
World Premiere

Has Fred Miller gone too far? A popular and tenured professor, he shocks his students by showing up to class dressed up as Adolf Hitler. When a Jewish student voices her displeasure to the campus newspaper, Miller finds himself in a fight for his career. But how far is he willing to go to rattle the institutional cages one last time? Join us for this poignant, funny and very personal story about the limits of free speech.

Live Girls
by Victoria Stewart
directed by Kevin Heckman†
Midwest Premiere

Live Girls challenges our preconceptions of art, sex and truth by taking a highly critical look at where art ends and exploitation begins. An African American, female performance artist named Sarah Brown is creating a show on injustice. She is gathering personal material in interviews from which she crafts her performances when she encounters Sonia, a porn star. Sonia confounds Sarah’s expectations by revealing that she’s very much at peace with her line of work. Sarah, believing that any woman working in the sex industry must be somehow damaged or the victim of some personal injustice, presses harder until Sonia relents.

LeapFest 4

The Day of Knowledge
by David Alan Moore†
directed by Kevin Heckman†

by Don Tieri†
directed by Laura Blegen

by Darrell Capes
directed by Richard Shavzin

by Keith Tadrowski
directed by Scott Westerman

book by Susan Lieberman
lyrics by David Rush†
music by Jeffrey Bouthiette
directed by Elizabeth Margolius

† – Ensemble Member at time of production