Season 34

Season 24 (2005-06)

Echoes of Another Man
by Mia McCullough†
directed by Kevin Heckman †
Midwest Premiere, Downstage Left Graduate

In a startling breakthrough in biotechnology, the brain and nervous system of a famous artist is transplanted into the body of a young, professional golfer. Marguerite Hammersley returns to Stage Left in this poignant and compelling story of medical ethics, identity, and one man’s extraordinary search for who he is, and who he loves.

Fellow Travellers
by M.E.H. Lewis†
directed by David M. Schmitz†
World Premiere, Downstage Left Graduate

Max and Karl are best friends and students at a prestigious Berlin art academy in the 1930s. As social freedoms erode and the nation becomes increasingly polarized, Karl, a rising star of the avant-garde, is labeled a Degenerate, while Max, the traditionalist, takes advantage of the shifting tides. When the situation between them becomes impossible, one of them escapes Germany in a gut-wrenching, twisted betrayal. Forty years later the survivor, now a world renowned artist, struggles with both his failing health and the ghosts of his past.

LeapFest 3

The Human Capacity
by Jennifer Barclay
directed by Kevin Heckman†

Odin’s Horse
by Robert Koon
directed by Anna Bahow

Watching for Wolves
by Joy McCullough-Caranza
directed by Dana Friedman

The Fair Hope Memorial
by Louise Schwarz
directed by Morgan McCabe

by Tom Patrick
directed by Greg Kolack

† – Ensemble Member at time of production