Season 34

Season 23 (2004-05)

The (W)hole Thing
by John Green
directed by Chad Eric Bergman
World Premiere, Downstage Left Graduate

A rude, crude geopolitical farce for the rude, crude times in which we flounder. When the Sandonians attack the Corncopians, bringing their mighty tower to the ground, the men immediately prepare for war while three women notice the divine light emanating from where the tower once stood.

The Vow
by Tom Patrick
directed by Kevin Heckman†
World Premiere, Downstage Left Graduate

Jihad. Holy War. Crusade. At the end of the last crusade, three men flee a burning city, each sworn to fight the infidel and ascend to the presence of God. Now faced with defeat, each man must decide whether to uphold his vow, or to return to a home barely remembered.

LeapFest 2

Hiding Hannah
by Joy McCullough-Carranza
directed by LaRonika Thomas†

In Times of War
by David Alan Moore†
directed by Drew Martin†

Superman is Dead
by Dominic Orlando
directed by Jeremy Wechsler

Fellow Travellers
by M.E.H. Lewis†
directed by David M. Schmitz†

Home Front
by Greg Owens
directed by Shade Murray

† – Ensemble Member at time of production