Season 34

Season 28 (2009-10)

Here Where Its Safe
by M.E.H. Lewis †
directed by Scott Bishop
World Premiere, Downstage Left Graduate

Zach and Abbie are an American couple desperate to have a child. Beena is a 19 year old Indian woman struggling to escape an abusive marriage and provide for her son. When financial concerns convince Abbie to hire a surrogate in India, the two women’s lives become tangled with surprising and dangerous consequences. Here Where it’s Safe is a new play by award-winning playwright and Stage Left ensemble member M.E.H. Lewis (Burying the Bones, Fellow Travellers) that asks what comes of the choices we make, and what happens when we run out of choices.

LeapFest 7

by Scott Woldman
directed by Drew Martin†

The Face of a Ruined Woman
by Mia McCullough *
directed by Greg Werstler†

The Meaning of Lunch
by Dan Aibel
directed by Jason Fleece†

Mother Bear
by Jayme McGhan
directed by Artistic Director
Vance Smith

Our Kind of Violence
by Steve Spencer
directed by Rachel Edwards Harvith

† – Ensemble Member at time of production
* – Emeritus Ensemble at time of production